Art Making Style and Methods

The art-making that has created Emily's aesthetic for most of her 17 years as a self-proclaimed painter is akin to a flow state, but with awareness rooted in spontaneous expressions often followed up by imaginative meditations. She describes this process as an engagement in wonder, opening up the mind to discover images that appear right before her eyes. Through a mindset of curiosity and experimentation, she allows herself an ability to access deeper questions, rhythmic embodiments, and a passion for discovery of new beings of creative force. 

Artist Background

Growing up in sounthern New Hampshire .... 


Future Projects and Ideas

This process provides an enriched education through exploring a multitude of conceptual meanings, art making process, and theories of aesthetics within various historical contexts and artist biographies. Contemporary art criticism theorist Terry Barrett (2015) challenge art educators to present learning opportunities in all grade levels for students to empathize with various perspectives when interpreting art. By teaching through assorted practices of art criticism techniques students learn to interpret possible connotations beyond the artwork. Presenting big ideas through the complex ideologies of the visual and material landscape, students are encouraged to dig deeper into conventional ideologies. Thus, the student is given empowered prospects to redefine the mediated world.